Now these two were the definition

of true love

Walter & Maggie were the lucky winners of the Toledo Portraits 2020 Wedding Photography Giveaway. Toledo Portraits is passionate when it comes to capturing memories. Like those seen below - an all-inclusive Free Wedding Photography Package.

This couple was amazing, easy to work with, and just had that spark in their eyes. Every time they glanced upon each other it was a Kodiak moment "no pun intended"

Country Vista, Farmland, Greenery, and more just spoke about the true characteristics of this beautiful couple. Years in love led them to their day of Marriage. With lots of families around. Couples that have been together for over 50 years. I'm beyond happy that Toledo Portraits had the opportunity to work with them. 

Thanks given to:

Heather Shaver for assisting in an amazing Wedding. The Maid of Honor Kacie whom was the Rock of her Sisters Wedding. Maggie the Bride whom was so beautiful and elegant. Walter the Groom, The parents and Families of the Bride and Groom. Without you guys there would be no Mr. and Mrs. Adler

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